Re: Gum Tri-Color Yellow

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/27/04-06:12:13 AM Z
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The brownish tone still doesn't make sense to me, even as a function of
curves or exposures. You may of course prove me completely wrong about
that and are welcome to do so.

But to me it's more likely related to the quinacridone violet that
you're using for the magenta. I hate to keep recommending pigment
changes to you, but I'm inclined to think a quinacridone red (PV209)
would serve you better. I haven't used PV19 very much, but I have seen
brownish tones when it is mixed with different colors.

Sam would know better, but I also wonder about how different reds and
yellows work with the cyanotype, if it's possible that you'd need
different red and yellow pigments with the cyanotype than what would
work best with one or another of the blue pigments.
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