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Date: 06/26/04-08:30:02 AM Z
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Tom Ferguson wrote:
> After all of the wonderful help I received on my tri-color gum work, I
> though I would share my first image. This is VERY unfinished. This is
> a collage of kalli and gum prints. I'm still getting too much yellow
> (actually an almost brown tone) that keeps the gum prints from having
> the visual separation from the Kalli prints they should have. But, I'm
> close :-)
> Let me know what you think.
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> Tom Ferguson

Hmm, interesting, Tom. An interesting project!

I don't know what to say about the brownish tone in the yellow. As I
think I may have already said, in an extremely pale tint my M. Graham
PY110 looks tan by itself, but when the other colors join it, it takes
on a nice pale buttery yellow hue. In medium to strong concentrations it
looks and prints a pure medium yellow, and in very heavy concentration
it tends toward orange, but a deep bright orange rather than a brownish

I hope it's not the Daniel Smith PY110 that's turning your prints toward
brown, since I was planning to go to the Daniel Smith PY110 when my M.
Graham runs out.

Just to check: I'm looking at the rightmost gum print which has
yellowish brown areas on it; am I correct in understanding you to mean
that these areas, for example, should be less brown and more yellow?

I've forgotten; what are your other pigments again?

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