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From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/14/04-10:54:18 PM Z
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On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:

> Hello Judy, I've confused things with the EVF term. You don't have an
> EVF on the G5. An EVF is an Electronic View Finder.
> EVF and EV have nothing to do with each other. Don't blame me, I didn't
> invent these silly terms!! ;-(
> EV (Exposure Value) is what some digital cameras call exposure
> compensation. If you dial in a request for -0.7EV (-0.7 stops) and you
> are in Av mode set to F/5.6, then the camera will give you a shutter
> speed 0.7 stops faster than it normally would (assuming that camera has
> that shutter speed). For example: the camera meter determines you
> "need" 1/500, sees your -0.7 EV request, so sets itself to 1/800. This
> will give you a pic 0.7 stops darker than it normally would, and your
> chances of blown highlights are greatly reduced. I often use the same
> trick in high contrast situations, although I tend to use a lower
> setting than Christina.

I've just come back from the website, and it is amazing...I
have to thank you again for the advisory. In the matter of EV, dp
identifies it as Exposure Compensation (logical, right? V stands for
Compensation, just like Av stands for Aperture priority!), and now I see
how Chris got her .7 EV -- it moves in thirds of a stop. But I'm still
not clear why -- unless it's for back lighting... or maybe it's something
I could use in the sun? ... +2EV would bring it down some? But why does
Chris set .7 EV routinely. For more contrast? Less contrast?

I could only do 10 pages of that website at a sitting, by the way... I
don't know how much remains, but hope to finish tomorrow. There are some
interesting discrepancies from the Canon manual, by the way. For instance,
the site calls that little dial in the front right corner the command
dial... Canon calls it the main dial. (Command is much more logical... if
that matters in this school of thought.)

I also ordered the G5 book from the Short Courses fellow -- to arrive
perhaps by Thursday. Maybe he explains why + or - EV (hope springs
eternal), but clearly, Canon, Sony, Nikon, et al, are kindly providing
this man with a living.

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