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Date: 06/15/04-08:26:15 AM Z
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and now I see
> how Chris got her .7 EV -- it moves in thirds of a stop. But I'm still
> not clear why -- unless it's for back lighting... or maybe it's something
> I could use in the sun? ... +2EV would bring it down some? But why does
> Chris set .7 EV routinely. For more contrast? Less contrast?
     For less contrast, but really all I am doing is getting information in
my whites. Whenever my scene is contrasty I use it.

     When I used to shoot slide film, the adage was to shoot slide film 1/2
stop underexposed and color saturation would be richer (except Velvia). I
find the digital camera is the same; the ability to deal with a large
contrast range is nil, and highlights/whites blow out.

Thus I have two settings on my camera, one where it is on "auto", one where
it is on "program". The "program" mode I have set to -.7EV, so that I
expose 2/3 a stop under exposure, because that way I will get information in
my whites; if the rest is too dark, you can fix it in Photoshop if needs be.
Whenever I am out shooting, I can switch back and forth between auto and my
"program" with one rotation of a dial.

I chose the -.7 because I find the digital camera is even worse than slide
film at not being able to handle contrast. However, that said, I think Sam
is even more drastic with his adjustment, if I remember when we went out
shooting one day. I want to say that he may adjust 1 to 2 stops at times.
So -.7 is conservative.

I also may fiddle with the contrast setting as someone, maybe Tom F?
suggested in this thread...and the histogram function.

But taking shots of white tshirts on a bright day at Coney Island...hmmm....
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