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Judy wrote:

> now I see
> how Chris got her .7 EV -- it moves in thirds of a stop. But I'm still
> not clear why -- unless it's for back lighting... or maybe it's something
> I could use in the sun? ... +2EV would bring it down some? But why does
> Chris set .7 EV routinely. For more contrast? Less contrast?

Chris will have to speak to that, but in general one would adjust this if
(s)he thought the metering consistently erred compared to his/her artistic
vision. This is essentially the same as using a fake EI (say, EI 200 for
Tri-X) to trick a film camera into giving you an exposure other than what
it thinks is right.

Note that you can adjust flash exposure compensation, as well. I have that
set to -2/3 stop, so I can flip the flash on for some fill and get what I
think is a natural amount (auto flashes always give a bit too much fill,
IMO, and the pics look unnatural).

Someone suggested using bracketed images to get a longer exposure scale,
and you replied that people photos don't stand around and wait for the next
exposure. The G5 will auto-bracket (FUNC, then down two icons). I just
tried it, and the exposures are made a bit less than a second apart
according to my calibrated ear (!). This may still be too slow, but much
faster than taking another shot manually. (DSLRs do this quicker -- my 10D
takes a 3-shot bracketed series in less than a second, shutter speed
permitting.) Alternatively, the G5 will focus bracket, if you want.

Best reegards,

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