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Date: 06/10/04-11:05:19 PM Z
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On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Mateo Leyba wrote:

> Do you chimp a lot? This is the term for those that snap a shot then
> immediately need to see it on the LCD.

That's a hilarious term -- from "chimpanzee"? But if the LCD is on, you
see the image, and since I use the LCD for framing, how could I not
"chimp"? Which of course is a major advantage of the digital camera --
you see the image "immediately." You know if you've got it, and/or what
you have got.

> .... Do this a lot and your batteries
> will not last. Also they don't tell you that a lot of early batteries
> are only rated for about 200 recharge cycles. The battery could just be
> worn out if you have charged it many times.

As noted, it happened on first use... But how many charges does your
battery get? Though I doubt that's an issue -- if I averaged one charge a
week, 300 charges would last about 6 years & I expect a greatly improved
camera will arrive before then (assuming asteroid, comet or other form of
mass destruction doesn't precede it).

> It's just voodoo.

That is absolutely the word.

> ...Always recheck your settings every time you turn the
> camera on.

I wish you had told me that last week...Obviously I trusted too much -- so
thanks for the maxim.

> What's a lens cap? I throw them away right out of the box to save me
> the misery of trying not to loose it.

But don't the lenses get all scratched up when you throw the camera in
your shoulder bag, with wallet, keys, pen, pencil, loose change, spare
battery, comb, tape measure, notebook, and so forth and so forth & so on?
But you're kidding, right?

Whichever, thanks for info, advice & vocabulary upgrade.

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