Re: 5 Digital Camera Questions

Date: 06/10/04-11:20:26 PM Z
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Does the camera have a full manual setting?

Digital cameras seem to blow out the highlights very easily.

Someone suggested setting it to "under-expose" a bit if you are shooting
auto, which is probably a good idea. If it doesn't have a histogram you can
access, then shoot some sample shots and examine the histograms in Photoshop and
then you can calibrate the camera yourself.

Mark Nelson

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> My reason for choosing 5.6 was so the figure would be in focus and the
> background be softer, which this project calls for.  There's a "portrait"
> mode, which apparently does something similar. With this kind of quick
> street shooting, my best bet is probably to change to "auto" in sun
> (changing the menu is a very long song & dance) & of course everything
> will be tack sharp.  If I can't stay out of the sun, I'll have to "fix" it
> in Photoshop. (There are also a couple of neutral density filter settings.
> Now I can see why !)
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