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Date: 06/10/04-10:33:23 AM Z
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On Jun 9, 2004, at 10:35 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

> Several folks have asked how I like my digital camera:
> I like the camera fine personally; but our relationship needs work: It
> tends to be difficult and temperamental when operating, likely to do
> things not in the manual (or not discoverable in the manual, a very
> secretive document). So I appeal to known (and unknown) experts on this
> list for help:
> 1. The camera is set on Av (Aperture priority, aperture 5.6; ASA 200,
> flash off, auto focus). Why is every shot taken in the sun totally
> washed
> out, monumentally overexposed ? What can I do? (Shade is fine, VG in
> fact.)
A bright scene at ISO 200 f 5.6, asks me for a shutter speed in the
range of 1000-1600 depending on the subjects. Does your camera shutter
go that high?
> 2. The manual says that with my current settings and image size
> (highest
> resolution, normal compression), with the monitor on I should get 450
> images on one battery charge. Why does the manual lie? I get about
> 60 at
> most.
Do you chimp a lot? This is the term for those that snap a shot then
immediately need to see it on the LCD. Do this a lot and your batteries
will not last. Also they don't tell you that a lot of early batteries
are only rated for about 200 recharge cycles. The battery could just be
worn out if you have charged it many times.
> 3. The low battery warning doesn't appear until the battery is about to
> die, catching me at a bad moment. Is there any way to read remaining
> battery life earlier?
> 4. How do settings change themselves? I've had the same settings
> (above)
> for a couple of weeks, but today, after several (unrepeatable) shots,
> realized that the flash was flashing (even in sunlight, the idiot --
> though ALL shots in sun are overexposed) and aperture was now f/8.
> Did I
> press some of those (too many) buttons without meaning to? Could
> downloading images to the computer have set something off?
It's just voodoo. Always recheck your settings every time you turn the
camera on.
> 5. And from the sublime to the ridiculous: Do folks really attach the
> lens
> cap cord to the strap as instructed by the manual? Doesn't it dangle
> deliriously? I taped it to the bottom of the camera, but that's not
> terrific either....
What's a lens cap? I throw them away right out of the box to save me
the misery of trying not to loose it.
> I hope this doesn't seem too off topic -- Actually, I begin to suspect
> that this is an alternative camera... Either way, thanks in advance for
> help or advice.
> Judy
Don't know if any of you have seen this, but if you already have a
bunch of Canon lenses, and don't want to spring for the 10D, and like
to really tinker, this may be for you. Buy the cheaper Rebel camera and
change the firmware to the more expensive 10D in the cheaper body.
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