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On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:

> At ISO 200 and F/5.6 your sunny exposure should be 1/1600. Sunny 16
> rule says 1/200 at F/16 = 1/400 at F/11 = 1/800 at F/8 = 1/1600 at
> F/5.6.

Oh boy -- I forgot about all that stuff... figuring the camera knew what
it was doing. I would assume that somewhere in the 209 pages the manual
says what shutter speeds are available, but they are not listed under
"shutter speed." When I'm not on line I'll sit down with a glass of
aspirin and slog on until I find it... but I doubt very much if it goes
anywhere near that high -- which explains the disaster.

> ...Does your camera have a shutter speed that fast? My "walk
> around" dig maxes out at 1/1000, so I would always be 2/3 stop
> over-exposed in bright sunlight using your settings. That isn't
> anything to worry about with a film camera and negative film. With a
> dig and 8 bit Jpgs, your files are seriously messed up. Try using ISO
> 100 and/or F/8. Of course, if your camera has a faster shutter than
> mine, then "I have no idea"!

My reason for choosing 5.6 was so the figure would be in focus and the
background be softer, which this project calls for. There's a "portrait"
mode, which apparently does something similar. With this kind of quick
street shooting, my best bet is probably to change to "auto" in sun
(changing the menu is a very long song & dance) & of course everything
will be tack sharp. If I can't stay out of the sun, I'll have to "fix" it
in Photoshop. (There are also a couple of neutral density filter settings.
Now I can see why !)

> Most (all?) of these wonder batteries slowly wear out. Nothing to do
> but buy a new one (if that is the case). Flash use, and the rear LCD
> use a LOT more battery power than the EVF viewfinder. I would guess I

Actually, this happened with the first charge, and again with the
second... The manual says it charges 300 times. I bought a spare 3rd party
battery -- nothing said about how many charges it would take, now that you
mention it...

> get 200 shots if using EVF and no flash (and my batteries are getting
> old). Limited experience guesstimate, after 500 charge and discharge
> cycles, it wouldn't be surprising to lose 1/2 of my battery capacity.

What brand of battery does 500 cycles? (As noted I'm getting about 1/7th
claimed capacity with a brand NEW battery.)

> ... One of the wonderful features of these new super
> batteries is that they put out the exact same voltage until the very
> end. That is great for the camera, really terrible to try and build a
> battery meter with! The Sony battery I use actually has digital
> electronics inside the battery in order to get a reliable battery meter.

Thanks for the explanation -- it's some comfort to know it isn't just
carelessness. I take it, however, that your Sony battery only works in a
Sony camera?

> > 4. How do settings change themselves? I've had the same settings
> > (above)
> > for a couple of weeks, but today, after several (unrepeatable) shots,
> > realized that the flash was flashing (even in sunlight, the idiot --
> > though ALL shots in sun are overexposed) and aperture was now f/8.
> > Did I
> > press some of those (too many) buttons without meaning to? Could
> > downloading images to the computer have set something off?

> No idea why.

I had a teacher long ago who said when something weird happens once you
can ignore it. When it happens twice you need to figure it out. So far,
this was once.

> I have a strip of velcro sewn onto my neck strap (near the camera) and
> I've glued the matching velcro strap to the lens cap. No dangle.

Ah, so you REMEMBER to remove the lens cap when turning on the camera...
You would ! Often as I vow that I WILL remember, I have a quarry getting
away from me, and such refinements fall out of mind. I turn the camera on
in haste... the lens rides out, and the cover pops off -- the cord is
taped to the bottom of the camera, so it dangles. That of course is not my
worst problem -- but velcro might help in there somewhere...

How wide is your neck strap? Did it come with the camera?

Meanwhile, thanks for many answers & info...

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