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Well, okay, I decided it wouldn't be that big of a deal to run another
test while I was out there working anyway. This one, PY110 at my usual
printing strength for tricolor (as was the earlier one) came out with 7
steps, not as widely separated as the four steps in the one that soaked
for 60 hours, but still distinctly distinguishable from each other, and
it was just as I like it. (I like the difference between the steps to be
subtle rather than dramatic, just as I like the tonal transitions in the
print to be subtle rather than jerky.)

At any rate, you'll have your own PY110 to use with your own gum and
paper soon and will without doubt get a different result, but I was
curious about the question whether yellow as a rule prints without
distinct differences between the steps. Since I don't use step wedges in
my routine practice (reasons explained on my website) it's not something
I would have known off the top of my head about my own yellow. Over and

Katharine Thayer wrote:
> Tom Ferguson wrote:
> >
> >
> > First question: Yellow layer. The "Process" looking yellow paints are
> > giving me a normal DR and clear well. What they don't do is show the
> > individual steps well, I get more of a gradient than steps.
> Back to your original question about the Stouffer steps, Tom, I have a
> late and probably not very useful answer for you, but since I have it
> I'll share it anyway. When you asked this question on Wednesday, I was
> curious whether I would get this same result with PY110, so I went out
> to the studio and printed a (Mark, did you decide whether it's a wedge
> or a tablet?) and put it in the water, and then forgot all about it. I
> spent the next couple of days cleaning up the grass around the
> fenceposts and trees and whatnot and planting the last of my baskets
> and planters, so I didn't get back to the studio til this morning, and
> there was the step print that I had forgotten all about, still floating
> in the water.
> So..... I can tell you now that after about 60 hours in the water, PY110
> shows four very nicely-separated steps; the rest is paper white. I have
> no idea what it would have looked like earlier on. I'd scan it for you
> but I seem to be running up against the maximum on my website.
> Katharine
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