Re: Apologies to the Members of this list.

Date: 06/05/04-10:22:32 AM Z
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Thank God you got back safely! Everyone on the list was concerned. We
started a phone tree to keep everyone updated on your movements. Talk about a
bunch of Step Wedgies!

Welcome back to the list. Actually you provided us with a little diversion
from the usual fare, so all is forgiven. Cookies and Milk for everyone!

OK, while you are here, is it "Step Wedge" or "Step Tablet"?

Mark Nelson

In a message dated 6/4/04 10:51:46 AM, writes:

> I'd like to apologize to the members of the list for my auto response. I
> set
> that up late in the day before I left for vacation and completely forgot
> about un-subscribing to the list while I was gone. There is enough spam for
> everyone to handle without me adding to it.
> I have temporarily subscribed under a different email so I could send
> everyone this apology. I would like be still belong to this fine list as
> long as everyone would be nice enough to forgive my spam mishap.
> Just so everyone knows, I'm back in my office and doing well. While I was
> out, I worked on some home improvements, when fishing, and even did a little
> bit of photography. I think I'll have a few shots that will look nice as a
> cyanotype.
> Now, since I've just returned from a week away from the office I have a lot
> of catching up to do and plenty of Stouffer step wedges to make.
> Again, I apologize for the auto response message and it is nice to know that
> you guys were concerned of my whereabouts.
> Sincerely,
> Kevin Morris
> Stouffer Industries
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