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On Sat, 5 Jun 2004 wrote:

> Henk, you mention P-F# 9 having something about liquid emulsion, but did you
> mean P-F# 3? Although I have not yet read every word of # 9 (which I am
> savoring), I did not notice anything about liquid emulsion.

Henk has got an article P-F #9, p. 25, about doing bromoil with liquid
emulsion -- on aluminum. (He calls it aluminium, but what can you do when
people get like that.)

He has been doing bromoil with liquid emulsion on different surfaces for
years -- in this one he shares Klaus Pollmeier's Beer Coating Solution
(Pilsener), also an Egg Coating -- though the beer seems most popular.

(There's also a picture of Henk in kneepants, 1954, very adorable.)

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