Re: Epson 2200 & Digital Negatives

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Date: 06/02/04-09:33:51 AM Z
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Loris asked: Christina, which printer were you using to print diginegs on

     Loris, I was using the 2200, but my film I buy is from Photo Warehouse,
not the source that someone gave the URL for here yesterday or so. Do you
think the Photo Warehouse one is different??? I have no problems with it,
but I print in black ink only, and I use photo black, not matte black, and
the glossy setting (but it says something like blank blank glossy
it semi or something? I don't have my printer here by me in MN, sigh). I
also don't have my negs here to try and scratch, but I don't remember them
scratching, but they sure do run with a wet finger.
     I love that stuff, and I printed close to a whole box of 100 with it.
It is in a black box, no white strips on the bottom of the pieces, and one
side is distinctly sticky. I would perhaps call Photo Warehouse and ask if
their film is the same as what you all are having problems with. I know Sam
Wang uses it, because he was the one who told me about it. So either the
work flow is different here, it's not the same film, or--worst case
scenario--the film has changed recently (I bought mine in maybe November).
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