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Date: 06/02/04-02:37:23 AM Z
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jack says " doesn't sound like such a good deal ..."

IF you're using a 2200 (this is what I gather from comments by various
users - I yet have to make a trial myself on a friend's 2200)... BUT,
I'm using a 1160 with Conetech inks and UCF simply "rocks" with these
inks and Pictorico "sucks" with the same inks - I mean when compared to
UCF, not that I can't print with Pictorico negatives; but they just are
much more sensitive to abrasion.

Christina, which printer were you using to print diginegs on UCF?


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> Mike Klemmer wrote:
> > I meant that the UCF filled a much needed gap for me price wise -
> > being much more affordable than the Pictorico.
> Hmmm... based on your reports, it doesn't sound like such a
> good deal to me.
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