Re: Anything worthwhile on photography in Nasheville, TN?

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      You gotta go to the Parthenon. They have a full scale replica of the
Parthenon there that is a hoot! It makes for good stories. And then across
the street by the Borders bookstore there, which is wonderful for art books,
there is a great Bread shop restaurant that serves very good food. And the
Frith (?) museum, too.
      One Caveat: as you are looking up at the also full scale statue of
Diana, don't put your sunglasses on top of your head, and then when they
start falling off, try to rescue them with the hand that has the Canon
Powershot Digital camera dangling from its wrist, or you'll get a nice black
eye like I did :) Damn, if it hasn't taken 3 weeks to disappear, and I
think I chipped the eye socket bone. It makes no mind, everyone just looked
at my husband as if he was a real piece of work.
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Subject: Anything worthwhile on photography in Nasheville, TN?

> Hi,
> Next week I'll be in Nashville, TN and I have some time free on comming
> Sunday. I was wondering if there is someting photographically worthwhile
> (Gallery, exhibition, museum etc) checking out? Or other "must sees"?
> Thanks,
> Cor
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