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Date: 06/02/04-11:38:02 PM Z
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Well I answered this directly to you I presume; because it didn't show
up in the list

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> Loris asked: Christina, which printer were you using to
> print diginegs on UCF?
> Loris, I was using the 2200, but my film I buy is from
> Photo Warehouse, not the source that someone gave the URL for
> here yesterday or so. Do you think the Photo Warehouse one

When you click order online in the main site you end
up in that address. That's exactly ther same place where I ordered my

> ...
> I love that stuff, and I printed close to a whole box of
> 100 with it. It is in a black box, no white strips on the
> bottom of the pieces, and one side is distinctly sticky. I

Mine came in a white box, no white strips. Confusing.

> would perhaps call Photo Warehouse and ask if their film is
> the same as what you all are having problems with. I know
> Sam Wang uses it, because he was the one who told me about
> it. So either the work flow is different here, it's not the
> same film, or--worst case scenario--the film has changed
> recently (I bought mine in maybe November). Chris

All that I know is the current one works very well with Conetech
(Piezotone) and MIS (FS/FSN) quadtone pigment inks - much better than
Pictorico. Feel sorry for Ultrachrome users... pity they can't use a
product with such a nice price.

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