Re: color gamut -- er, working space

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Date: 07/20/04-11:25:12 PM Z
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Thanks so much to Jack, Mark & Eric for the info. It's a huge relief to
learn that the problem is probably fixable, and I am again in awe of list
knowledge. I'll try to do exactly what Jack says (when I can figure it
out.... Sigh....very humbling).

Mark is right about the thing being "space", not gamut. The message said:

The document... has an embedded color profile that does not match the
current RGB working space. The current RGB color management policy is to
discard profiles that do not match the working space.

Embedded: sRGBIEC61966-2.1 [if I have read my handwriting correctly]

Working: Adobe RGB (1998)


Should I take that to mean the camera color is set to 1966????

Mark, I understand you to say that I could change the camera color to the
1998 RGB, so that when you say "read the manual," you mean read the
camera manual... Neither "color" nor "profile" are in the index. What
should I look for?

Eric, I'm not using "raw" -- would I still want the raw plug-in?

And I am using Mac OS 9.2. (Even saying the word "Ten" in G-4's space
causes all systems to crash).

On the bright side, I made my old laser printer print out a map of
Allentown PA from Mapquest this evening after smashing up only 4 pieces
of paper.... So clearly, all things are possible.

My thanks again & in advance.

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