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Date: 07/19/04-10:55:46 PM Z
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Unfortunately, the Photoshop color, at least on the computer monitor,
was miserable, not nearly as nice as the Powershot 5 color on the
computer monitor (which really is lovely, I have to admit). Now what ?

I've been told there is probably some software available somewhere that
would make the translation... and allow me to get the camera's color in

Is this true? Any other advice or suggestions?

        If you have a nice image on your camera and not in PS most likely you
have not set the parameters in PS. It is most likely the color space
you are in that is distorting your image color.
        Open: Photoshop > Color Settings

        Click on 'Advanced Mode'
        Set RGB working space to 'Adobe RGB (1998)'
        CMYK normally is not used by us photographers but I set it to 'Generic
CMYK Profile'
        Gray I set to 1.8 gamma this is the normal gamma setting for
macintosh/Apple computers. The Windows world sets their gamma to 2.2.
It is a long argurment best saved for another day. That and sRGB
suffice it to say could confuse us all.

        Under Color Management Policies just put in 'Preserve Embedded
Profiles' in all 3 spots

        Conversion options should be 'ADobe (ACE)

        The "intent" is for how the printer makes you image look. 'Perceptual'
is the norm here with the 'Use Black Point Compensation' turned off and
'Dither' on.

        Skip the "Advanced Controls"

        This ought to assure you of nice color.
        If not, your monitor should be calibrated.

        I believe you have Apple OS 10 . . right?
        Then, go to the' Preferences' in the 'dock'.
        Click on Displays > Color where you'll see the 'Calibrate' button.
Click on that and follow the instructions.

        Now you'll have PS Color Settings and monitor calibration. After that
things ought to be fine for you.

Jack Fulton
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