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Date: 07/21/04-12:01:48 AM Z
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Hi Judy,

If your camera has a setting in the menu to choose color space, then switch
it from sRGB to Adobe 1998—then it will match your Color Space in Photoshop.
>From the message you got I would assume that your Photoshop Color Space is set
to Adobe 1998. In Photoshop go to Preferences and Find Color Settings and
set Conversion Options to "Ask before converting to working space". I think
Eric or Jack described how to do that.


In a message dated 7/21/04 12:26:16 AM, writes:

> Should I take that to mean the camera color is set to 1966????
> Mark, I understand you to say that I could change the camera color to the
> 1998 RGB, so that when you say "read the manual,"  you mean read the
> camera manual... Neither "color" nor "profile" are in the index. What
> should I look for?

Mark Nelson
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