Re: Epson 2200 or Canon i9900

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/20/04-10:21:20 PM Z
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Yes, I recently tested the Canon i9900 by printing out a special
spectral hue palette on Pictorico. The ink held held well on the
surface of Pictorico and did not run or pool, but on measuring the
palette I found that the UV absorption of the Canon inks was very,
very low. I was thinking about buying the Canon is9900 and on the
basis of the tests decided to not do so since one of my primary uses
of the printer would have been to make digital negatives for
alternativ printing.

However, bear in mind that what I did is just one test. I could have
made a mistake so I would encourage anyone interested to make their
own tests to see if the inks of the Canon meet your needs.


>I know the Epson has been the long time workhorse, but has anyone tested the
>Canon i9900 yet?
>Just wondering since there is a significant price difference, with the Canon
>being the lower priced and having better specifications. Thanks.
>Darryl M. Gage
>Forestville, NY
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