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Is it possible that you mean Color Space, rather than color gamut?

You may be able to set the Color Space on your camera—I hate to say this, but
you may have to read the manual to find out. Most likely the choices if any
will be Adobe 1998 or sRGB.

If you can set the color space to Adobe 1998 I would recommend that since it
is the likely Color Space you are using in Photoshop. Photoshop has a
setting under preferences that allows you to determine how it will handle files you
open that have a different color space than your working color space. You
may want to check that out and perhaps read the Photoshop Help file that relates
to that feature.

Good luck :)

Mark Nelson

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> However, none of that is why I'm writing:  So far I've just loaded the
> photos onto the computer (and backed up on a CD), but I did bring one of
> them into Photoshop to be sure I could. Photoshop informed me that the
> color gamut didn't exist there, so it would apply its own color.  What
> could I say but OK?
> Unfortunately, the Photoshop color, at least on the computer monitor, was
> miserable, not nearly as nice as the Powershot 5 color on the computer
> monitor (which really is lovely, I have to admit). Now what ?
> I've been told there is probably some software available somewhere that
> would make the translation... and allow me to get the camera's color in
> Photoshop...
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