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Hello list,

Somehow I have, unlike Marie, made 100s of shots with the Canon PS 5, and
this may present a problem. It was certainly nice to be able to do them
with just a few battery recharges, no worries about film, but now I start
to worry about printing. I've been allocating remaining brain cells to
shooting, somewhat aided now by reading the manual and the "short course"
book -- both of which deserve their own maledictions, although the two
together are better than either separately.

And I digress here for a few words on that topic: The manual, for
instance, has an actual alphabetical index, and if you know the secret
word, you can often find at least a line on it. Of course you need to know
to look up, for instance, "LCD monitor", not "monitor," etc. Although,
interestingly, it does have 3 entries for "beep." (I do not know why,
despite my asking nicely, the camera itself beepeth not.)

The 3rd party book has no way to actually find a particular item
except to page through looking for it. But it does have some explanations
of functions (like the colors of the light indicators) in an organized way
the manual lacks. On the other hand, the bulk of its contents is
photography stuff I knew... What digital does differently was nowhere
explained, and only discovered, (a) from this list (thanks again !), and
(b) from extrapolation after (sometimes LONG after) experience.

But Marie, I think you're doing the right thing to stall on the manual.
Now that I know the camera *somewhat*, I find the manual has improved
greatly. But again, nobody nowhere except this list mentions that, for
instance, f 4 in digital is about like f 8, analog -- & then some.

However, none of that is why I'm writing: So far I've just loaded the
photos onto the computer (and backed up on a CD), but I did bring one of
them into Photoshop to be sure I could. Photoshop informed me that the
color gamut didn't exist there, so it would apply its own color. What
could I say but OK?

Unfortunately, the Photoshop color, at least on the computer monitor, was
miserable, not nearly as nice as the Powershot 5 color on the computer
monitor (which really is lovely, I have to admit). Now what ?

I've been told there is probably some software available somewhere that
would make the translation... and allow me to get the camera's color in

Is this true? Any other advice or suggestions?


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