Re: Temperaprint & Gum

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Date: 01/29/04-05:54:40 AM Z
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as easy / convenient as
> using egg yolks.

Or whole egg

> 3) I can find Yupo paper in my area (the idea of using a synthetic paper
> which doesn't need sizing and is dimensionally stable is nice) I didn't
> try it myself but as almost every article I read on gum mention that
> some tooth is needed to keep the gum emulsion on paper then I made a
> (perhaps wrong) conclusion that this paper cannot be used with gum!??!?
> (is it so?)

Yes you have made the correct conclusion The reason that I developed this
process was the fact that the gum gave me a lot of trouble when using this
base it kept flaking and physically detaching itself from the yupo.The base
was ideal for what I was trying to achieve strong vibrant colour in my
images stumbled onto the egg almost by accident, but that is another
story.It proved to be excellent and then the process was born SOB SOB

Don't take it too seriously

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