Temperaprint & Gum

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I also want to make phototempera prints, it appeals (theorically, I
didn't yet make a single gum print; only few single coat tests) me much
more than gum bichromate (to make color prints) because

1) Gum is very expensive if you buy the "premium" versions and I
couldn't find any "cheap" litographer grade gum in my area, also I think
mixing my own gum from raw gum tears will not be as easy / convenient as
using egg yolks.

2) I also couldn't find suitable artist quality tube water color
pigments in my area, only pans - absolutely no tubes - and they're very
expensive (winsor-newton, daler-rowney). Messing with pans
(dissolving/crushing) is boring. In the other hand, artist quality
lightfast acrylic paint can be found very easily (brands like
winsor-newton, daler-rowney, daniel smith).

3) I can find Yupo paper in my area (the idea of using a synthetic paper
which doesn't need sizing and is dimensionally stable is nice) I didn't
try it myself but as almost every article I read on gum mention that
some tooth is needed to keep the gum emulsion on paper then I made a
(perhaps wrong) conclusion that this paper cannot be used with gum!??!?
(is it so?)

So I ask to people that printed using either or both processes:
Can you please make comments on above statements? Correct me if I made
mistakes, contribute with your thoughts/impressions please. What is the
disadvantages/advantages of each process? Can you compare these
processes? Where I can find a book or article on how I can make
phototempera prints?

Thanks in advance,

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It's an interesting looking print, Not quite what I'd exhibit but it
certainly shows promise.

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