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Date: 01/29/04-05:56:46 AM Z
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> Richard,
> One place that has instructions is Clerc, who says:
> "Gelatino-bromide or gelatino-chloride development papers,
which, for
> one reason or another, have become unsuitable for their
proper purpose,
> may be converted into print-out papers by soaking them in
a weak
> solution of silver nitrate (about 0.5 oer cent) or in a
solution of a
> reducing substance such as sodium or potassium nitrite
(about 5 per
> cent), salts of hydrazine, various developers, sodium
sulphite, stannous
> chloride, etc.
> "After soaking for some minutes, the paper is placed to
dry in the dark
> without any preliminary washing. The same treatment can
be applied to
> negative plates or films.
> "The method of using is the same as for gelatine print-out
> Well, I tried once with 0.5% silver nitrate and (probably)
> chlorobromide paper. As I recall, the silver bath had no
effect at all,
> compared with an untreated sheet. As I understand these
things, the
> free silver nitrate permits much greater image densities
from printing
> out, by combining with the halogen liberated by light
exposure of the
> original silver halides to form more silver chloride or
bromide as
> printing proceeds. I'd hazard a guess that the problem is
that the
> original silver salts of the development paper just aren't
> enough to UV, their speed in this respect (I guess) having
> determined by the emulsification process. Maybe
develop-out papers were
> different in Clerc's day, but it might be interesting for
someone with
> time on his (her?) hands to try again with a developer.
> Liam
    Thanks Liam, I am pretty sure this is what I was
thinking of. Perhaps it doesn't work because the materials
have changed or perhaps it never worked. One would need both
a lot of time and a lot of Silver Nitrate.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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