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Date: 01/29/04-12:38:07 AM Z
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My first attempt at egg printing was just two nights ago. I was in one of
my dabbling moods (as opposed to a measuring and note taking mood) but
here's what I can tell you:

I used potassium dichromate, unsized hot pressed paper and I had no
problems with my emulsion washing away. I did give it a good long (by gum
standards) exposure.

It's an interesting looking print, Not quite what I'd exhibit but it
certainly shows promise.


At 11:59 PM 1/27/04 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello all,
> Amongst my vandyke, cyanotype and gum playing around (yeah, at this
> stage of practice, It feels more like playing I've also been
> attempting the temperaprint. I have a serious problem with it that I
> haven't been able to figure out. After exposure, when I'm developing the
> picture, I keep rubbing off the emulsion. I usually just end up with a
> white box where my negative was. I've been rubbing very gently, to the
> point that I'm barely touching the paper. I've tried various brushes
> from course to super soft to no avail. Several times I've been able to
> get peices of my picture to stay and those parts looked great, so I'm
> pretty sure it's not exposure. I thought maybe there was a problem with
> the eggs I was using, but I've gone so far as to drive out to the
> "country" and buy freshly laid eggs and still have the same problem. I
> was originally using Pot. Dichromate but am now using amm. dich (as per
> the recipe given by Mr. Fredrick) and I still have the same problem. To
> top off everything I've tried, I first started using watercolor paper
> (very heavily sized first) but now I'm using the recommended Yupo. There
> must be something I'm doing wrong, but I can't figure out what. If this
> was just something I was doing for fun, I'd move on to something else.
> Problem is, I love the look of this process, even more than gum and
> figured I'd ask for some assistance before I continue any further.
>Two more questions about the process I'd like to ask, for when I get it to
>work. Is there a difference in using Amm or Pot. Dichromates other than
>printing speed or the like? I only ask as I can get the Pot. Dich.
>locally so that's simply for convenience. Also, how fast does the egg
>colloid go bad and lose effectiveness? I only ask as I print in the
>morning and evening (before and after work) and was wondering if say, 12
>hours would be too long to keep it? I'd test this myself, but I've
>already got enough
> Thank you!
> -David-
>"I don't really trust ideas, especially good ones...."
> -Robert Rauschenburg
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