Re: I kid you not, here's a new alt process

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/18/04-08:07:22 AM Z
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> <Michael Healy said> Aren't you in the Carolinas? Is that really a safe
place to be talking about
> the morphine & marijuana processes? Oh, wait. You spent all those years
> getting jaded in Montana. I get it. Never mind.
> Here I've been sweating that **I** might end up in the Ashcroft Files for
> gathering materials for my uranium process.

Well, the other day in printmaking class a cop came to the door looking for
one of the students; maybe he was really looking for me, and my order from
TriEss Sciences.

My biggest worry is that I said over the phone I'd donate to Police Puppy
Patrol and I have yet to open and pay up. I bet they're watching my car,
waiting to ticket me. Or when I call for help there'll be a big black X on
my name.

I'm trying hard to think of a Viagra Process joke or a Reynolds Process
joke, but I think I need another cup of coffee! Nice to laugh at email so
early in the morning.

As to copyright, John, I can't take the reels out of the library, but I can
copy pages individually there, for 10 cents each. There's one of those
alarm thingies at the door that you walk through. That'd be great: the
papers would read "Clemson Graduate Student Jailed for Swiping Rare Books
from Cooper Library". I'd never get a teaching job again, sob!

However, you know how much I flap my mouth (fingers?) I'm sure I'll have the
weekly tidbit from the BJP I'll post here that will be of absolutely NO
interest to anyone. Ohhhh, except, Judy, I did find some stuff on
varnishes. The word "soehnee" caught my eye...
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