Re: Panoramic Carbon Transfer(?) photo of Rio de Janeiro

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VERY unusual... They don't usually show Jesus with an erection.


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Subject: Panoramic Carbon Transfer(?) photo of Rio de Janeiro

> Hi Folks, I found this spliced panoramic cityscape photo ( 2 X 11" X
14" )
> of Rio which I had bought several years ago hidden under a mass of papers
> my work room.
> Altho the print is marred by condensation stain from being framed
> many years under glass by the previous owners the main part of the picture
> still in good condition and contains the most amazing fine detail. The
> on the picture is as follows...
> "Entree de Rio (Du Morro de Cantagallo) " Marc Ferrez photo. 88, Rua Sao
> Jose, Rio de Janeiro.
> From the condition of the cardboard backing the picture is quite
> ancient but the image seems to have retained its origional tone. No
> hence I suspect it is a carbon / gelatine transfer. Studying the actual
> with a high powered glass I can discern very, very, fine reticulation....
> almost unoticeable.
> To the right of the picture is Sugar Loaf Mountain and also the
> area where there is now, this present day, an enormous statue of Jesus
> outstretched arms. This photo was taken before the erection of that statue
so this
> may give an indication of the age of the photo.
> I thought this might be of interest to some of you who may live
> the area of Rio and also those who may be knowledgeable re carbon/gel
> transfer.
> Best wishes John
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