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> > I don't do any gum yet, but I wonder if humidified paper would lead to
> > easier coating? 

In my experience "humidity" is not a thing, it's a relative... toggled by
heat and AMOUNT. that is, I find staining and fogging occur in high heat
humidity, but hard to GET same humidity when it's 25 degrees cooler. some
advisers say you can coat smoothly if you wet the paper. I found that this
gave almost total staining... Even dampening back of the paper in areas
left stain.

So IME any generalizations about humidity in gum printing tend to be only
from one patch of the elephant.

I'd also agree with, I think it was katharine, that coating isn't such a
problem as all that...And a gum coating that LOOKS uneven before exposure,
may print perfectly evenly... In this I suspect you're confusing gum with
pt/pd... which is a VERY bad mindset for gum.

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