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Aren't you in the Carolinas? Is that really a safe place to be talking about
the morphine & marijuana processes? Oh, wait. You spent all those years
getting jaded in Montana. I get it. Never mind.

Here I've been sweating that **I** might end up in the Ashcroft Files for
gathering materials for my uranium process.

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> I've hit the motherlode of all times; this week, I got 24 reels of the
> British Journal of Photography, from 1860 to 1910, for gum research, to
> until April. I'm in hog heaven, except my butt is gonna get so big,
> there for hours and hours watching microfilmed pages glide by (how off
> can I get). Anyway, I had to report to you all a new process I came
> in 1867--the "morphine process". Now, granted, I didn't take the time to
> read thru it because I really have to be narrow in my search or else I'll
> crazy (this is 50 years of a weekly journal or 2600 journals) but the
> time I saw it go by I thought it was a joke, until it kept mentioning the
> process issue after issue. Maybe the current generation can start a
> marijuana process? Then again, maybe I'm the ONLY one on the list who
> ever heard of this before.
> Chris
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