Spotting Alt Prints

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Date: 02/13/04-07:31:06 PM Z
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Dear List,

Can anyone share some of their some special techniques or tips about
spotting alt prints that they use successfully and easily?

Most of my problems occur trying to spot platinum/palladium prints or
more often warm tone ziatypes. Specifically, matching the color(s) of
the tones of the prints seems to be almost impossible at times.

I can spot with the best of them when it comes to spotting silver
gelatin prints (neutral and toned prints) using Spot Tone but for Alt
prints I use Windsor Newton cake watercolors and that doesn't seem to
always provide matching tones. Thankfully un-toned cyanotypes are the
easiest to match but color matching for warmed toned prints seems
Also what about spotting gum prints and gum overs with complex colors?


Don Bryant
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