RE: Spotting Alt Prints

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Date: 02/14/04-09:05:34 AM Z
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Just to add to all the other good advice you have gotten here: when I am doing
a gumover, I try to remember to take a little dab of the pigment blend from my
mortar and pestle before I add a lot of the gum arabic, and smear it on an
index card annotated with the particulars of the coat I am working on. I can
then take a wet brush later and pick up some of the pigment for spotting the
print where necessary.

For platinum and palladium prints, I have had great success just mixing W&N
Ivory black and Burnt Umber to approximate the color of the print I am
spotting. I haven't seen one yet that could not be spotted with some
combination of those two colors. This may be stating the obvious, but I always
blend it somewhat lighter than the surrounding area, and make 2 or 3 passes to
build up the density. It is always much easier to go back and make it darker,
but making it lighter is a lot more hassle. I have also found that many times
just a little tiny dot in the middle of the white spot will hide the flaw so
well that you cannot even find it on the next pass. Less is more when it comes
to spotting.

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