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I have used a Phase One CCD scanning back for a 4x5 camera for a few
This is strictly a studio rig, but it generates a 350 MB-plus tiff file, one
to one at 40 x 60 inches.
It blows away the E6 8x10's I used to shoot for detail. No comparison. The
resolution is just finer then the film grain.
It took me a long time to become a believer. One session in the studio with
this piece and that was it.
Cheers, Craig Z.

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> On Sat, 14 Feb 2004 07:19 am, wrote:
> > - images are clear, free of digital noise, free of
> > negative dust and damages and in terms of sharpness and
> > resolution more than compareable to high class medium
> > formate shots
> I find the 1Ds (well any digital camera) to be very much lacking in the
> detail that film provides. In my opinion the 1Ds is not even able to
> well shot 35mm film. Of course these sorts of comparisons depend on
> what type of photography one is doing. However my impression is that
> digital still has some way to go to replace the fine detail of film.
> Richard
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