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an interesting concept—I've been following the Foveon chip since it was
announced. I like the idea that the chip records all three colors (RGB) at each
sensor site—this should give much better sharpness in images and perhaps
sharper black and white too. Other technologies use a staggered array of sensors
for seperate recording of R, G, B. Then they interpolate the colors in between
—which is where you get some color shifts and loss of sharpness.

I'd like to see an image shot with it and compare to the D1X.

It should be noted that this is effectively a 3.4 megapixel camera, but with
greater sharpness than other 3.4 megapixel cameras. The 10.2 megatpixel
headline is derived by adding the red, green, blue layers at each sensor site.
To their credit they explain this.

If this technology works well and handles a wide subject brightness range,
long exposures, and gives accurate color, then there will be some great cameras
made with it.

Mark Nelson
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> Take a look at the SD10 camera recently release by Sigma
> has specs.  The sample photos look very good.
> This camera uses a CMOS based Foveon image chip instead of the older
> CCD.
> Just use foveon in any search engine to get the ideas. 
> Some are asserting that CMOS will kill CCD so there will be a market
> turnover real soon now.  There is a brief review in the Feb 2004
> Computer Shopper that talks about, among other things, greatly increased
> battery life.  There are drawbacks as well. 
> All this is currently available only in SLR's as far as I know.
> ER
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