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I'd like to add the one very interesting innovation Foveon developed
along with their CMOS chip (read that as high rez and cheap in mass
production) is the three layered silicon wafer that "reads" the
respective RGB lightwaves as each penetrates the wafer. The deeper the
penetration, the greater the respective color... for example if red is
first, then blue, then green -- a green light will penetrate the wafer
to the green depth, registering a much truer and cleaner "signal"
instead of three separate color sensors taking the same " shared"
space in the same position.


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Subject: CMOS vs CCD digital
Take a look at the SD10 camera recently release by Sigma has specs. The sample photos look very good.

This camera uses a CMOS based Foveon image chip instead of the older

Just use foveon in any search engine to get the ideas.

Some are asserting that CMOS will kill CCD so there will be a market
turnover real soon now. There is a brief review in the Feb 2004
Computer Shopper that talks about, among other things, greatly
battery life. There are drawbacks as well.

All this is currently available only in SLR's as far as I know.


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