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CMOS seems to have some advantages over CCD and overcame
it's most disadvantage which was digital noise:

- lower costs
- more f stops exposing range
- much less power consumtion

Regarding the Foveon / Sigma SD10 I only can say don't
think about it seriously:

- fixed to Sigma lenses which are definitly inferior
compared to high class lenses from Canon, Nikon or

- image quality in practise use can't match that of
compareable models like Fuji S2 or Canon D10, Foveons
advantage due to their true 3 color image processing
is more or less academical in my practical experiences

After testing some alternatives (including Canon D10 and
Kodak 14n)I only can recommend the Canon EOS 1Ds (11.3 mpx
CMOS chip) as a real alternative compared to conventional
high class camera systems (including medium formate)

When using best original Canon lenses at optimal f stop
values the image quality is simply sensational:

- images are clear, free of digital noise, free of
negative dust and damages and in terms of sharpness and
resolution more than compareable to high class medium
formate shots

- the only shortcomming is still the lower f stop range
and the 'synthetic' look when doing straigt native
processing. So whenever I can I combine 2 or 3 shots
at different f stops to enhause the exposing range, do
individual channel-prosessing (like traditional filters
in conventional photography), gamma and contrast
corrections and 16 bit processing as long as possible

- Printing: Epson 9600, Mediastreet G6 pigmented inks,
heavy wight 100% all rag papers with selfmade profiles

Allthough I love my Hasselblad I did use since I bought
the 1Ds (but still keep it in case that I will buy a
digital back in the future when cost will be affortable),
my only alternative to the Canon 1Ds is 45" T55 Polaroid
which I love and which is still absolutly unique and
unbeatable be digital cameras (scanned with a Microtek
2500 high end scanner which grants true optical resolutionen
instead of the ddi fakes from Epson which use simple
stagered scanlines)


Am 13.02.2004 20:25 Uhr schrieb "Robkin, Eugene" unter <>:

> Take a look at the SD10 camera recently release by Sigma

Am 13.02.2004 20:25 Uhr schrieb "Robkin, Eugene" unter <>:

> Take a look at the SD10 camera recently release by Sigma
> has specs. The sample photos look very good.
> This camera uses a CMOS based Foveon image chip instead of the older
> CCD.
> Just use foveon in any search engine to get the ideas.
> Some are asserting that CMOS will kill CCD so there will be a market
> turnover real soon now. There is a brief review in the Feb 2004
> Computer Shopper that talks about, among other things, greatly increased
> battery life. There are drawbacks as well.
> All this is currently available only in SLR's as far as I know.
> ER
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