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> It should be noted that this is effectively a 3.4 megapixel camera, but
> with greater sharpness than other 3.4 megapixel cameras. The 10.2
> megatpixel headline is derived by adding the red, green, blue layers at
> each sensor site. To their credit they explain this.

Actually, you need to remember that most digital cameras use 4 sensors
in a group (two green, a blue and a red). So while the Foveon chip is a true
3.4 Mp chip, most other cameras will need 4 times the megapixels to
capture the same detail (i.e. 13.6 Mp). In practice there are some
tricks which can be used to fool the viewer into thinking that the
non-foveon chips have higher resolution than they do. In particular
the fact they have two green sensors give better resolution for green
objects (which the human eye is sensitive to). However if you
examine a red or blue object you will see the detail is lacking.


Richard Urmonas
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