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From: Ian Greant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/09/04-02:50:49 PM Z
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I couldn't find any real "Gloy" in my area either. I just went to a school
supply store and bought a clear, non-toxic, craft glue. Worked fine.


At 03:19 AM 09/02/2004, you wrote:

>I plan to order some Gloy (mail order from the UK), can you please
>elaborate the details of working with Gloy? Why should I want to use
>Gloy? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Gloy? ect...
>My limited knowledge cosist of:
>a) One can use acrylic pigments with Gloy (because the acrylic binder is
>compatible with Gloy?)...
>b) Gloy can be coated to smooth surfaces like "fast drying synthetic
>paper", glass ect...
>Both of these points are very important for me because:
>a) I cannot find tube watercolors in my location (but acrylics are
>abundant) and don't want to deal with dry pigments (all that weighing,
>grinding, mixing ect.) which also cannot be found in my location - this
>entry is not much important but
>b) I want to lessen the waiting time between coats (waiting the
>developed paper dry) - this is important!
>Do you think Gloy is good for solving the above troubles?
>Thanks in advance,
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