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I wish I had not read your post so close to lunchtime. Somehow I think the
names might delegate the process to the catacombs. One could go on endlessly
with Snot-O-Type, etc, but I will spare the group the agony of my musings—
which I am sure will deeply appreciated.

However, please continue to share your tidbits and observations. It is
fascinating to see that many of these arguments continue and in some ways have
changed little over the years. I wonder how the inkjet negative/in-camera
negative argument will be looked at 200 years from now in these archives, should
they survive. I see quite similar arguments rehashed over and over on the
forums for large format inkjet printing—Optimum file resolution being an example.

Thanks again,
Mark Nelson

In a message dated 2/9/04 11:49:41 AM, writes:

> Thanks for appreciating it, Mark; I have decided now to call the gum
> process
> Mucous Printing.  Or booger printing?  No longer a "bichromaniac", I am now
> a "mucousmaniac"?    Isn't there a psychological DSMIV term for that, Mark?
> Hmmm....better quit this lunch break and get back to school...
> Chris
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