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On Mon, 9 Feb 2004 wrote:

> .... I wonder how the inkjet negative/in-camera
> negative argument will be looked at 200 years from now in these archives, should
> they survive. I see quite similar arguments rehashed over and over on the
> forums for large format inkjet printing—Optimum file resolution being an example.

Photo mags of the 1930s have plenty of harrumphing about "miniature
cameras" not being *real* photography... "Miniature" was of course 35 mm,
sometimes also 2-1/4.

What happens is cameras & films get better, and a new aesthetic is
discovered, etc. etc.

Same will probably happen with inkjet -- although here's a new one. At the
Lucas Samaras show now at Whitney Museum, there's a room of his
manipulations on Apple computer, as seen in what are CLEARLY digital
prints of whatever machine. For medium the wall label lists "Pure
Pigment." Period.

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