Gloy users?

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Date: 02/09/04-05:19:34 AM Z
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I plan to order some Gloy (mail order from the UK), can you please
elaborate the details of working with Gloy? Why should I want to use
Gloy? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Gloy? ect...

My limited knowledge cosist of:
a) One can use acrylic pigments with Gloy (because the acrylic binder is
compatible with Gloy?)...
b) Gloy can be coated to smooth surfaces like "fast drying synthetic
paper", glass ect...

Both of these points are very important for me because:
a) I cannot find tube watercolors in my location (but acrylics are
abundant) and don't want to deal with dry pigments (all that weighing,
grinding, mixing ect.) which also cannot be found in my location - this
entry is not much important but
b) I want to lessen the waiting time between coats (waiting the
developed paper dry) - this is important!

Do you think Gloy is good for solving the above troubles?

Thanks in advance,
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