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Hi Etienne,

To follow up on your mention of barrel distortion and the swivel LCD screen, do you know which camera has the least distortion and an LCD?

I'm looking for the best camera for photographing flat work. A digital SLR would be perfect in terms of being available with a good lens, but looking through the viewfinder when it's on a copy stand is anything but fun, especially in doing large batches. Our school's "slide library" used a Leitz Reprovit for making slides off books and prints - it was such a beautiful piece of equipment: it projects a lighted frame to help operator frame and focus precisely without bending over. What I'm looking for is the digital equivalent of it. Many consumer grade digital cameras could do except in the distortion department.

Zoom range is least important, followed by megapixel count and cost. White balance, manual exposure, and hot shoe, on the other hand, are all extremely necessary. Whether the LCD can swivel is not important if there is a built-in output to, say, a TV. Suggestions anyone?


>On the other hand, if you are willing to accept some barrel distortion,
>most of the fancier point-and-shoots have very usable macro modes. I have
>a 4 Mp Canon G3 (superceded by the 5 Mp G5, and now by the 7 Mp G6) that
>would satisfy many people for your application. If you go this route, you
>will find that a fold-out, tilt-and-swivel LCD is worth its weight in gold.
>[The Canon G3/5/6 also has RAW image mode available to get the most out of
>the sensor and optics, but this may be overkill for your application.]
>Most of this equipment can be purchased used if you want to save some money.
>Best regards,

Sam Wang
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