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I know the Nikon 900 series had an attachment which fit over a lens
and had a slot for a slide. In the macro mode, one could make a quick
and pain free digital image form a slide.


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Good shots from prints are relatively easy, as long as you have a good
lens like your Nikon Macro 55, a classic. I find the 50mm Canon Macro
to work well also.

So far, however, the Olympus E series DSLRs seem to be the only ones
using beam splitters instead of mirrors. So they are the only ones
that allow previewing on an LCD (or TV), with comfort, without having
to bend up and down all day photographing from many different size
books and prints.

On reproduction of present slides, I'm wondering about shooting them
over a light table with a DSLR and a good macro lens. If the results
could be well enough, it certainly would be a whole lot faster than
scanning the slides individually. Any thoughts on this?


>I have been using a Fuji finepix slr for copy work recently, with a
>Nikon 55mlmacro lens of considerable vintage, and am not having any
>trouble getting good clean shots with no distortion. I'm starting
>research on converting all my school's slide production to digital so
>anybody wants the information, or has any to share, please let me

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