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Date: 12/12/04-07:59:54 AM Z
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Do you have contact info for Peter? I am curious whether his school will carry on once he is on the mend.
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  Hi Tim, Peter Frederick has been very ill, and is in the process of

  I've just started using a modified version of his process with some success.
  The advantage is that it's way quicker to produce a print than gum - the
  disadvantage is (for me) that it produces a much different image quality.
  I'm just getting my head around the differences but I certainly find it
  simple and effective after gum, but then again it's probably because I have
  already done gum!!!

  Have a look at the archives - there was some discussion a couple of weeks
  ago and there are certainly a few much more knowledgeable people on this
  list than me!


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> Any one have contact info for Peter Fredrick? Or maybe any others out
> using his process I can compare some tests and notes with?
> Tim O'Neill
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