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Date: 12/12/04-04:36:56 PM Z
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Sam wrote,

> To follow up on your mention of barrel distortion and the
> swivel LCD screen, do you know which camera has the least
> distortion and an LCD? I'm looking for the best camera
> for photographing flat work.

No, sorry -- my d-cam experience is reasonably deep, but not very wide.
IIRC, the reviews at <> have shots that show the
distortion, at least for one zoom and focus setting (if it's not, it's one of the British d-cam magazines).

However: for anybody who's already a "real photographer," I suspect none of
the consumer d-cams will really prove suitable for this use. Heck, I have
a 30-year accumulation of Nikon glass, and wouldn't use 80% of *those*
lenses for the job. Why not investigate the right-angle magnifying finders
that attach to the eyepiece of an SLR? I don't know specifically of one
available for a DSLR (although, since several DSLRs are based on existing
film SLR bodies, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find one), but even if
there is none, modifying an existing film SLR version shouldn't be too hard.

BTW, copy stands are a lot more friendly if the baseboard moves up and down
and the camera stays at eye level.

Another solution is to go horizontal. (Of course, then you have to solve
the problem of holding the originals vertically.)

Best regards,

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