RE: travel in Italy- from a photographer's view

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Date: 12/08/04-11:22:55 PM Z
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On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Jonathan Bailey wrote:

> photographer's point of view especially I'd put Matera at or near the top of
> the list. And, Sienna doesn't hold a patch to Lecce in my book. I'd also
> suggest places like Gallopoli (in the arch of the foot) and Trani (looking
> out on the Adriatic). IMHO Tuscany, while admittedly very beautiful in a
> calendar sort-of-way, has become a caricature of itself - a sort of food and
> wine theme park....

It's a very long time since I was in Siena, and it's grim to learn what
has apparently become of it -- but for what it's worth, I found the
*museum* in Siena the most thrilling of any I visited in Italy -- and they
can't have ruined that, too, can they? It's several hundred years of
pre-Renaissance, my favorite period of Western art -- everything so
exquisite that even the fire hose on the wall has the air of another work
of art.

You may be more interested in landscape than architecture, but my
recollection of the central square in Siena is that it, too, is very
fine... Besides, don't you want to go into the hills and dig some siena
for gum printing?

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