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For my money (also read value for dollar) I'd head to the south of Italy -
particularly Puglia, and then right down to the heel of the boot. From a
photographer's point of view especially I'd put Matera at or near the top of
the list. And, Sienna doesn't hold a patch to Lecce in my book. I'd also
suggest places like Gallopoli (in the arch of the foot) and Trani (looking
out on the Adriatic). IMHO Tuscany, while admittedly very beautiful in a
calendar sort-of-way, has become a caricature of itself - a sort of food and
wine theme park.... (The food and wine in Puglia, BTW is excellent!!)

As for which camera to bring - don't kill yourself over the choice. Bring a
camera and film you know and understand well - then lots of take pictures.

Happy Trails!

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    Thank you , Jim- I will use the Fuji 6 by 9 as it is light although the
8 by 10 is my favouright size..
    Thank for the suggestion of beautiful areas to visit.
    Always, Susan
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      From: Jim Strain
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      Susan: I traveled in Italy with a Mamiya 7 rangefinder and a small,
light 'pod (a carbon-fiber model that was really strong and really light).
Seemed to me ideal because I backpacked with it and still got nice large
chromes. I do not have suggestions other than we found that staying outside
of San Giminiano (sp?) in a villa was lovely and using Florence as a home
base for Tuscany seemed to work well too. From Tuscany, it was eay to
train/bus to various small places for day trips or to rent a car or to hire
a driver. Hope this helps. Jim
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        From: Susan Huber
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        Subject: travel in Italy- from a photographer's view

        Dear List;
        I hope I am doing this right... I am enquiring as to whether there
are Italian photographers on this list that could advise me/ other
travellers recommending nice, small cities for 2 weeks in Oct. 2005.
        I don't want to stay in 4 star accommodations-(no hotels) and wish
to find out about type of camera (is the 6 by 9 ideal) that is easy to
travel with.
        I like Umbria and or; Tuscany areas.
        I know this a big request- any suggestions are very much welcomed.

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