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  Thanks Judy, I'll take notice- I do not want to go touristy unless there
is fine art to be seen.
  Always, Susan
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> On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Jonathan Bailey wrote:
> > photographer's point of view especially I'd put Matera at or near the
top of
> > the list. And, Sienna doesn't hold a patch to Lecce in my book. I'd
> > suggest places like Gallopoli (in the arch of the foot) and Trani
> > out on the Adriatic). IMHO Tuscany, while admittedly very beautiful
in a
> > calendar sort-of-way, has become a caricature of itself - a sort of
food and
> > wine theme park....
> It's a very long time since I was in Siena, and it's grim to learn what
> has apparently become of it -- but for what it's worth, I found the
> *museum* in Siena the most thrilling of any I visited in Italy -- and
> can't have ruined that, too, can they? It's several hundred years of
> pre-Renaissance, my favorite period of Western art -- everything so
> exquisite that even the fire hose on the wall has the air of another
> of art.
> You may be more interested in landscape than architecture, but my
> recollection of the central square in Siena is that it, too, is very
> fine... Besides, don't you want to go into the hills and dig some siena
> for gum printing?
> Judy


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