Re: attn listminders - can we nip this in the bud?

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Date: 08/06/04-12:55:09 AM Z
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Keith Gerling wrote:

>By his previous trolling, do
>we not know Krebs?
That's the specific insult I mean...

First you bring up the "Thor Bols" garbage again, four years after it
originally happened. Now you accuse me of "trolling"..

Is there some reason you seem to be intent upon attacking me?

You're right on one thing, perhaps the listminders need to take a look
at enforcing the list policy, but in particular regarding personal

To quote from the Alt-photo-reminder, as I did only four days ago:

"There are five basic rules for using this list. Treat everyone with

 ..AND this time Keith Gerling, I shall NOT accept your apology. I
accepted it on August 3rd for your earlier comments, I shall not do so

and by the way, every time I've commented in some political way to
answer a question or an oblique attack, I've tried to close that part of
the thread. I don't have any desire to have a political discussion here
and even labeled my single response to Sandy King's comments as
"OFF-TOPIC." However, my comments and input were very germane to
Judy's project. I haven't attacked a single individual or personalized
this in any way, you are the ONLY person doing so Keith. At the very
least, I think you need to step back and take a deep breath.

Keith Krebs

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