attn listminders - can we nip this in the bud?

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Here we go again! We are heading into some volatile times in this election
year - no doubt emotions will run high. Many of us are sitting on high
alert, ready to swoop in with witty, sarcastic, and pithy comments of a
political nature. Let's not go there. Does Sean Hannity really need an
introduction from the Editor of P.O.V., a Republican candidate supporting
Kerry? I think not. Do we not know Hannity? By his previous trolling, do
we not know Krebs?

I urge you to draw some lines now. Please.

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Sean Hannity is the current darling of the right.. He does a Fox show
with Colmes.,2933,110858,00.html

It's kinda like Crossfire for the FarRight crowd.

Keith Krebs
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